I’ve started this website  so that I can share things that I’ve learned and some of the do’s and don’ts of working with lithium-ion technology.

I started working with lithium-ion 18650 cells about a year ago while I was doing research on self-reliance.  I live in an earthquake zone I was very concerned about my family and their well-being if a natural disaster were to happen.  So I started putting together 72-hour kits and once the 72-hour kits were in place I wanted to do more and so I start looking into solar power and ways that I could use solar power as a alternative source of electricity.  As I was learning about solar I found that a lot of the people who have solar ar just putting the power back on the grid.  That was not what I was looking for  I wanted to find a way to store the energy instead of just putting it back on a grid.  I wanted it for a disaster and I wanted to be portable,  so I started looking into ways of storing portable power and I came accross portable solar generators that I could be used to store electricity that was generated bysolar panels.  Most Solar Generators use lead acid batteries and I found that it is not very portable when you want over 100 Ah of power.  At that point I started looking into other battery types that could be used and I started playing with Lithium-ion 18650 cells and I really like the technology, A LOT!!!

I have learned a ton about Lithium-ion 18650 battery cells and I want to just spend time with you and share with you what I’ve learned as well as some of the do’s and don’ts of using the technology.   I also want to share some of the things I have that it can be used for.

So if you have a desire to learn about lithium-ion, solar generators, power walls, even electric vehicles then I hope that I can be of help, because these are things that I’m interested in.

Thanks for you time.  Also be sure and check out my YouTube Channel.


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